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OCULUS – Keratograph 5M

Multi-purpose Topographer

Aside from Topography and Topographic keratoconus screening, the Keratograph 5M provides a large contact lens database and many analysis for daily practice.

The built-in Keratometer and automatic measurement ensure the utmost accuracy and reproducibility.

Detailed Display of the Cornea

The software includes a reliable screening package for corneal detection, lens fitting and refractive surgery.

Complete Documentation 

New Compare 4 Exams display.

Changes from the first to the latest measurement can easily be displayed, reflecting the course of disease over time.

JENVIS Pro Dry Eye Report

Find the cause of dry eye syndrome quickly and reliably. Perform a comprehensive screening, using the measuring results as a basis for diagnosing dry eye syndrome. All results are documented in accordance with the Medical Products Law and summarised for your patient in a neat and easily understandable printout.

Download the OCULUS – Keratograph 5M Brochure here.

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Measurements with Placido Ring illumination

White ring illumination used to measure thousands of points on the entire corneal surface.

Infrared ring illumination also available for analysing the tear film in order to prevent reflex tear secretion caused by glare.

LED Measurements 

The perfect illumination for each function: White diodes for tear film dynamics, blue diodes and infrared diodes.