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RETeval® device is a revolutionary handheld ERG/VEP that can be used anywhere and for anyone.

ERG and VEP tests provide objective information on how the visual system is functioning

  • Usable with dilated and undilated eyes by built-in pupillometer to compensate for pupil size.
  • A vital tool in the management of patients with Inherited Diseases
  • A superior Assessment for Diabetic Retinopathy Progression Risk and Glaucoma with objective ERG assessment of ganglion health
  • Handheld ERG in Paediatric Ophthalmology and non-compliant patients (comfortable for patients, easy for clinicians, objective functional assessment of retinal health)

Download the RETeval® Device Brochure here.


RETeval® Device for Electroretinography revolutionary ERG/VEP. Powerful aid in the diagnosis and management of retina and optic nerve diseases.

For doctors

  • DETECT various retina and optic nerve diseases earlier.
  • PREDICT the progression of the disease
  • FOLLOW up on the course of the disease
  • MONITOR treatment success

For Clinicians

  • Simple to use & Interpret
  • No Corneal contact
  • Advanced testing
  • Dilation required

For Researchers 

  • Trusted tests
  • Fuelling research

ERG and VEP tests provide objective information on the function of the visual system. It gives reliable guidance for medical professionals to manage functional changes that may impact a patient’s vision, typically in advance of structures changes.