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OCULUS – Easyfield®

  • Shorter examination times even for threshold tests
  • No completely dark room required thanks to the closed construction
  • Minimal footprint and maximal transportability
  • Easy to service in the absence of moving parts
  • Supra-threshold tests
  • Advances test strategies, unique evaluation tools, efficient progression analysis

OCULUS Easyfield® S – The standard design with up-to-date features. 

OCULUS Easyfield® C – Designed for increased comfort with an adjustable double chinrest. 

Download the OCULUS – Easyfield® Brochure

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Full-pledged compact perimeter capable of performing standard automated perimetry of the central visual field up to 30° eccentricity.

Designed for the combined use as visual field screener and perimeter, offering features usually available only in large units.

The spherical bowl with 30 cm (11.81″) radius is enclosed into an ergonomically movable come equipped with a distance adapted lens.

The Easyfield® conforms to the Goldman standard and fulfills the ISO-12866 norm for perimeters.

Measurements are carried out using an LED grid with 135 fixed test locations, including the common 30-2, 24-2 and 10-2 patterns. The new SPARK test strategy leads to faster and more stable threshold tests providing improved diagnostic capabilities.

Delivers evaluations of the innovative Glaucoma Staging Program (GSP) and the classifications provided by the Glaucoma Staging System (GSS 2).