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The Easygraph offers the ideal solution to practices struggling with limited space. Mounted directly on the slit lamp, this space-saving corneal topographer incorporates assessment of the cornea directly into the examination process.

Equipped with proven measurement and device technology for contact lens fitting as well as precise and reliable diagnostics, the Easygraph has all it takes to be a real topographer.

*OPTIONAL Software extensions: 

  • Contact lens fitting: different contact lenses types and geometrics can be compared using fluorescein image simulation.
  • Topographic Keratoconus Screening: eight different indices are calculated based on an analysis of the anterior corneal surface.
  • Zernike Analysis: provides a means of describing irregularities of the cornea precisely.

Download the Easygraph Brochure here.


  • Compact corneal topographer with built-in keratometer
  • Comfortable, hygienic working distance reduces the influence of positioning tolerances
  • Quick 3D alignment with auto-release to ensure highest accuracy and repeatability
  • Sagittal (axial) and tangential (local) curvature [mm] and power [D] maps
  • Refractive power map using Snell‘s law of refraction
  • Elevation maps
  • Zernike and Fourier Analysis
  • Cornea diameter (HWTW)
  • Comparison display and big camera image
  • Easy to mount on any conventional slit lamp
  • Easy to use sophisticated user interface in Windows™ environment
  • USB interface to PC/Laptop with network compatible