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OCULUS – ImageCam 3

The ImageCam 3 – Universal Slitlamp imaging system offers high quality image and is one of the world smallest image documentation systems, it can be adapted to virtually all commercially available slit lamps.

  • Avoid artefacts by taking images of the eye when it is at rest
  • It varies the exposure time for you automatically
  • Video recordings – create single images

The Slit lamp photos and videos are captured with a high -resolution, digital USB 3.0 camera by simply pressing a foot switch, or, in the “digital ready” version of OCULUS slit lamps, using the joystick. Complete slit lamp examinations can be recorded as a video sequence, from which the best frames can be selected and saved for documentation of the findings.

Download the OCULUS – ImageCam 3 Brochure here.

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The hardware

  • Universally adaptable – The OCULUS ImageCam® 3 system is suitable for most slit lamps thanks to its versatile adaptation options.
  • Super light sensitive full-HD USB 3.0 camera
  • High-definition optics optimized for the camera
  • Ultra-compact beam splitter
  • Optics can be swivelled in and out: no optical impediment when looking through slit lamp in: abundant light for image documentation
  • Additional mechanical iris aperture for adjusting depth of focus and exposure control directly at the beam splitter

The software

  • Patient data management
  •  Image viewer
  • Single images or video sequences
  • Single-image mode (detailed representation) and four-image mode (e.g. for follow-up)
  • Image from video
  • Magnifying function
  • Measurement of lengths and angles
  • Comment field for recording abnormalities
  • Image correction for colour, brightness, contrast etc.
  • Printing function for selected images
  • Camera window
  • Pre-defined exposure programs with quick-access icons
  • Individual exposure programs can be defined
  • Easy image capture by mouse click or footswitch, or in the digital ready versions of OCULUS slit lamps, using the joystick
  • Live image viewing on monitor