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OCULUS LidStick® Starter Kit

£235.00 Excl VAT

LidStick® Starter Kit – 1 Dispenser + 2 rolls of 100 LidStick® (200 total)

Key features: 

  • Functional, professional, disposable.
  • meibography
  • cornea-scleral scans
  • sensitive squeezing of the meibomian glands
  • careful debriding of the lid margins
  • estimate the sizes of a chalazion etc.
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The LidStick® is a 205 mm long stick with two end pieces for manipulation of both the upper and lower eyelid. LidStick® was designed to replace abrasive and uncomfortable cotton and wood applicators. Utilising medical grade silicone and plastic, LidStick® is the ultimate multi-purpose tool for your eye care practice.

The LidStick® was developed by OCULUS to manipulate both the upper and lower eyelids for dry eye measurements, slit lamp examinations, cornea-scleral surface detection and more.

One tool, five key functions: 

Retract – The round end of the LidStick® can be used easily to retract the upper and lower eyelid.

Flip – This technique is used to evert the upper and lower eyelid, especially for assessing meibomian gland morphology or the tarsal conjunctiva for a dry eye evaluation.

Squeeze – The round end of the LidStick® allows you to squeeze the meibomian gland orifices of the upper and lower lid margin.

Estimate – The LidStick comes with an integrated ruler at the flat end.

Debride – The purpose-designed edge at the flat end of the LidStick is for cleaning and debriding the upper and lower lid margin.

The LidStick® Starter Kit comes with a dispenser which serves as both storage for LidSticks and enables individual LidStick® to be cleanly torn off.  The specially designed aluminium storage container can contain one LidStick® roll.

The guide rail enables individual LidSticks to be removed and also prevents the roll from winding or unwinding. The viewing window makes it easy to estimate the amount of individual LidSticks remaining.

Whether horizontal, upright or wall-mounted – the dispenser can be easily secured in place using the PosterStrips included.