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OCULUS – Smartfield

The modern device for Standard Automated Perimetry 

  • Short examination times even for threshold tests
  • Advanced test strategies, unique evaluation tools
  • Native Ethernet access
  • Extended lifetime due to the absence of moving parts
  • Small footprint and reduced weight for increased transportability
  • No dark room required thanks to the closed design
  • Practical carrying handle
  • Height-adjustable measuring head

Download the OCULUS – Smartfield Brochure here.

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Optimised for monitoring functional impairment in glaucoma.

  • Shortened examination time
  • More intuitive analysis of findings
  • Increased patient comfort provide a comprehensive and modern clinical solution for visual field testing.

Measurements of the Smartfield are carried out using an ultra-high-luminance LCD screen. This screen also serves to generate a standard background illumination level for static perimetry and present test stimuli against this background. Using a single source for the background and the test stimulus ensures a more reliable calibration of the device during examinations.