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OCULUS UB4 Trial Frame

£475.00 Excl VAT

OCULUS is introducing an ergonomic refraction design, easier to use and easier to wear.


  • Space for a total of 10 trial lenses of 38 mm diameter*
  • PD range from 46 – 80 mm
  • Adjustable temple tilt and length
  • Smooth axis adjustment
  • CVD scale
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Part Number: 42500 / Product Type: Instrument / product Group: Refraction / Product Category: Trial Frames & Lens Set


  • Easy trial lens insertion
  • Self-braking nose-bridge adjustment
  • User-friendly controls in “soft design”


  • Operating controls are a good distance away from the patient’s face
  • Minimal pressure thanks to large rests and optimal weight distribution
  • Closed frame temple design prevents hair from getting caught
  • Flexible and anatomically adjustable mixed-material ear pieces


  • No lubricants needed
  • Dermatologist recommended safe materials


  • Compatible with DIN and BSI Standard trial lenses
  • Slip-on polarizing filter with 2 settings (near/distance) available as an optional extra


  • Timeless, attractive design increases patient acceptance
  • iF-Award winner