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OCULUS – Pentacam® Tomography

The OCULUS Pentacam® measures the entire anterior eye segment independent of tear film. Through high-resolution Scheimpflug images, the OCULUS Pentacam® calculates a motion-corrected 3D model of the anterior segment. It is also equipped with intuitive and user-friendly software features to ensure patient safety.

*OPTIONAL Software Package for Optometric Screening:

  • Belin/Ambriósio Display: early detection of corneal irregularities and risk management for refractive surgery.
  • Corneal Optical Densitometry: objective analysis of corneal optical densitometry in different layers and zones.
  • Show 2 Exams Topometric: for better comparison of two examinations results.
  • 4 Maps Selectable: customise your quad map, choose any of the available datasets to present on this screen.

*OPTIONAL More software options:

  • CSP Report: Scleral Lens Fitting Guide
  • 250 Scheimpflug images covering a diameter of up to 18 mm are taken in the measuring process. All images of a Cornea Scleral Profile (CSP) scan are taken from the same visual axis without the need for eye movement.

Download the OCULUS – Pentacam® Brochure here. 

Download the OCULUS – Pentacam® Configuration Brochure here.


Anterior Segment Tomography 

  • Topography of anterior and posterior corneal surface
  • Full-surface pachymetry
  • Early ectasia detection
  • 3D anterior chamber analysis
  • Fast Screening Report with data for crucial parameters
  • Normative corneal wavefront data
  • Total Corneal Refractive Power (TCRP)
  • 3D densitometry of the cornea and the crystalline lens
  • Contact lens fitting software
  • Anterior segment tomography

General Screening

  • Data are gathered from published studies and stored in the Pentacam® software.
  • The distribution of normal values in a population is represented by the bars shaded in grey.
  • The diagrams show the distribution for normal (green) and pathological (red) eyes.
  • Sources which the evaluations are based on are cited to provide additional information.
  • In cases of irregularities the individual displays for detailed findings appear in the interactive navigation bar.