SunKingdom SK-950C Perimeter (Ex-Demo)

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SunKingdom SK-950C Perimeter (Ex-Demo)

Ex-Demo SunKingdom SK-950C Perimeter

In full working condition, box included.

Price: £7000 + VAT (Carriage and installation not included)

Warranty: 6 months


Self-checking design:

Real time display checking procedure / Detailed checking list presented / Easily obtain the perimeter current status

LED light source:

Perfectly adopted LED as light source according to standard / Longer life time, more stable / No need regular lamp replace

Pure optical control:

Coated progressive lens to control the light intensity and colour / make sure the colour temperature up to standard

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Simple Learning process

Visually display patient instruction to make the test faster, easier and more reliable.

Voice prompt

System voice prompt to reduce mechanical workload, save time for operator.


Easy communication and more convenient upload and download of customer’s information

Binocular contrast report (2 in 1)

Right and left eye test result in one report, paper-saved and environmental friendly. Especially suitable for comprehensive physical examination.