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Tomey EM-4000 Endothelium Microscope

The EM-4000 offers non-contact examination, auto-alignment and measurement, with automatic analysis of the endothelium layer.

EM-4000 Features:

  • Auto-alignment & auto-measurement
  • Integrated non-contact Pachymetry
  • 13 measurement areas
  • Integrated database
  • L-Count, Trace, Core and Dark Area methods
  • Counts up to 300 cells
  • Integrated printer
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The EM-4000 is professional and quick (4 seconds for both eyes). The auto-alignment technology means reproducibility of the measured areas in insured. The integrated non-contact pachymetry  automatically measures with every central examination. The large colour touch screen is used as an operating monitor as well as for displaying all measured values.

The EM-4000 has a very large measurement area, with up to 300 counted cells the system assures a representative cell density analysis of your patients’ cornea. Images can be taken at 13 position (the centre and 12 peripheral points).  The thickness of the cornea is automatically measured with every central exam.

The software evaluates all relevant data respective to the endothelium, such as the density of the cells as well as Polymegathism and Pleomorphism (morphology). High quality images enable discovering irregularities or degeneration of the endothelium possible. For difficult cases you can use the classical L-count function, the Core method and Tomey’s special Dark Area analysis tools.

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