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The RT-7000 is a unique combination of topography, auto-refraction, keratometry and TSAS (tear stability analysis system) in one device. This multi-diagnostic instrument replaces four devices with all their functions. It is the perfect space and cost saving solution. Highly accurate measurements combined with short examination times and easy handling make working with the RT-7000 professional and quick. Alignment and measurement are done automatically – you just roughly align the system towards the patient’s eye and the rest is taken care of by the instrument. The TSAS for analysing the tear film stability uses the light cone system and therefore offers you several measurement and analysis functions to detect patients with dry eye indication. For immediate understanding of the cornea topographic structure the RT-7000 implements the topographic indices KAI (Kerato-Asymetry Index) and KRI (Kerato-Regularity Index). These values are highlighted in colour (green = normal, yellow = suspect, red = abnormal) to provide you quick information about the corneal structure.

RT-7000 Features:

  • 4 systems in 1 instrument
  • Colour touch screen
  • Different topography maps
  • Pupil & cornea measurement
  • Auto-alignment & auto-measurement
  • Tear stability analysis system (TSAS)