Tomey UD-8000 Modular B-Scan System

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Tomey UD-8000 Modular B-Scan System

The Tomey UD-8000 was developed to satisfy all of your expectations.

UD-8000 Features:

  • Annular array multi-frequency B-probe
  • High resolution touch-screen operation
  • Video recording and analysis function
  • Data communication via USB, LAN or Bluetooth
  • Docking station for Biometer / Pachymeter (AL-4000 – optional)
  • UBM 60 MHz B-probe (optional)
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Features like the new generation of annular array probes, high resolution touch-screen operation or data communication via USB or LAN make this device easy to handle as well as efficient and fast in operation.

The intuitive touch-screen operation includes a video analysis function which offers you many options like variable scope mode, automated video recording with several calculations (area, distance & angle) and individual video editing.

The standard probe is a multi-frequency probes which is switchable from 15MHz to 20MHz within the measurement. Additionally you can have a harmonic wave analysis for more detail with the identical penetration – all in one probe! Compared to standard linear scanners (with only one focus plane), the Tomey annular array technology provides amazingly detailed and clear B-scan images of the entire eye thanks to its five focal planes.

The 60 MHz UBM (optional) provides fast and easy testing without the need of a water bath. Due to this technology you are able to examine your patient in an upright position. The ultimate solution for a complete ultrasound device is the combination of the UD-8000 with the software of the AL-4000. You can connect the AL-4000 directly in to the UD-8000.

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