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iCare EIDON AF Confocal Scanner

With all of the features of the EIDON True Colour Confocal Scanner, the EIDON AF has the added advantage of auto fluorescence imaging capabilities.

With a quick and non-invasive auto fluorescence imaging technique, this device improves patient comfort and experience.  The EIDON AF has a fully automatic mode allowing any staff member to run diagnostic tests, which will improve workflow efficiency and help reduce patient waiting times.

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EIDON AF features include:

  • True Colour, blue auto fluorescence, infrared and RGB channels imaging modalities
  • Images can be captured in a pupil as small as 2.5mm
  • Panoramic view of the retina in all imaging modalities (up to 110°)
  • Crisp, sharp and highly detailed imaging in one device
  • Short exam time for enhanced patient comfort
  • Quick and easy to use – fully automated


Seeing the whole picture

The different imaging modalities that the iCare EIDON can obtain aids an accurate diagnosis.  The white LED illumination provides True Colour images, Red-free filtering enhances the visualisation of retinal vasculature, blue images provide an improved view of the RNFL (Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer) and red channel enables penetration to deeper layers towards the choroid.  Infrared light provides detailed information corresponding to the choroid.  The EIDON AF’s auto fluorescence allows a look at the RPE (Retinal Pigment Epithelium) layer integrity.


Widefield acquisition

Not only does the EIDON AF have a fantastic range of imaging modalities at its disposal, it also offers high quality crisp widefield imaging.  It can achieve up to 110° thanks to the unique mosaic functionality.  This widefield image function is available for all of the previously mentioned imaging modalities.  Widefield imaging is crucial in diagnosing pathologies that may initially present in the periphery.


Unsurpassed quality in retinal imaging

The confocal nature of this device enables high details and contrast Auto fluorescence images.  This is achieved in one shot and does not use image averaging.  In addition, it is able to scan through cataract and other media opacities.


Multiple users sharing, viewing and analysing

The EIDON AF Remote Viewer (RV) makes remote data review easy, allowing any computer or laptop on the same network (LAN) to review remotely EIDON AF images.  Data access and analysis is possible on multiple review stations.


The EIDON AF is also available without auto fluorescence (EIDON) and with fluorescein angiography (EIDON FA).  Contact us for more information regarding any model.


The DRSplus, COMPASS, EIDON, EIDON AF, EIDON FA, DRS and MAIA are manufactured by Centervue under the iCare brand.

Additional information

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