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iCare EIDON Confocal Scanner

The EIDON product family was the first True Colour Confocal Scanner in the market.  It combines True Colour technology and confocality to create ultra high-resolution wide field images.  It is the first system to combine the advantages of SLO with the fidelity of true colour imaging therefore setting a new standard of performance in retinal imaging.

The iCare EIDON guarantees increased image sharpness, better optical resolution, higher details, and greater contrast.

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iCare EIDON features include:


The EIDON confocal scanner provides unsurpassed image quality, 60° field in a single exposure, a unique, live, confocal view of the retina, three different imaging modalities and dilation-free operation, all integrated in a versatile system that provides new opportunities in retinal diagnostics.

The device is operated via a tablet with a multi-touch, high resolution, colour display.  It works with iCare’s dedicated software application and operates as a standalone unit.  A joystick is available for when the user desires manual operation.


Connectivity, anytime and anywhere

The EIDON’s tablet interface makes magnification and image review easy. iCare have also added a remote viewer feature making remote data review effortless.  Any computer or laptop that is connected to the same network (LAN) is able to review remotely EIDON images.  This enables detailed analysis on multiple review stations.


The EIDON is also available with automatic fluorescein angiography (EIDON FA) and auto-fluorescence capability (EIDON AF).  Contact us for more information regarding any model.


The DRSplus, COMPASS, EIDON, EIDON AF, EIDON FA, DRS and MAIA are manufactured by Centervue under the iCare brand.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 62 × 36 × 59 cm