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iCare EIDON FA Confocal Scanner

The iCare EIDON FA is the top-end imaging system from iCare.  It combines all of the imaging modalities available in the EIDON and EIDON AF with fluorescein angiography images and video for the ultimate complete imaging suite.

It also offers widefield imaging out to 110° whilst preserving the image quality, sharpness and detail – even in the periphery.

With the added advantage of ultra-high resolution FA video recording, medical professionals get a realistic and dynamic view of retinal vasculature and circulation mechanisms.

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EIDON FA features include:

  • Includes all of the features and functionalities of the EIDON and EIDON AF models
  • 110° widefield images
  • Complete suite of fundus imaging modalities and capabilities
  • High resolution fluorescein angiography images
  • High resolution and dynamic fluorescein angiography video view
  • True Colour confocal technology for high-quality, accurate imaging
  • Fully automatic, easy-to-use and requires minimal staff training


Fluorescein angiography dynamic video view

A dynamic perspective offers a realistic representation of retinal vasculature and related circulation mechanisms that could be missed with static flash photography.  The EIDON FA is able to capture ultra-high-resolution video of fluorescein angiography eliminating the pressure to capture perfect single FA-images when the dye is introduced to the eye.

This approach allows the operator free to focus all attention on ensuring maximum patient care and comfort.  The EIDON FA allows you to choose the best from multiple frames to accurately document the pathology presented.


The ultimate complete imaging suite

The iCare EIDON FA is the top of the range EIDON model, combining all of the other imaging modalities available in other EIDON models.  This makes the device an extraordinary tool for obtaining multiple types of high value information.  High quality true colour imaging from the white LED illumination.  Red-free filtering enhances visualisation of the retinal vasculature.  Blue images provide an improved view of the RNFL.  Red channel images allow penetration to the deeper layers towards the choroid.  Infrared light gives detailed information corresponding to the choroid.  Auto fluorescence allows assessment of the RPE integrity.  Finally, FA images and videos allow observation and monitoring of the retinal blood flow.


Unsurpassed quality in retinal imaging

The iCare EIDON FA merges ultra-high resolution and widefield imaging to offer an expanded view and image sharpness, even out in the periphery.  The confocal technology provides the highest image resolution on the retina (15 μm), to detect and follow-up the slightest dynamic details of retinal blood flow.


Multiple users sharing, viewing and analysing

The EIDON FA Remote Viewer (RV) makes remote data review easy, allowing any computer or laptop on the same network (LAN) to review remotely EIDON FA images and videos.  Data access and analysis is possible on multiple review stations.


The EIDON FA is also available as the base EIDON model and with auto fluorescence (EIDON AF)  Contact us for more information regarding any model.


The DRSplus, COMPASS, EIDON, EIDON AF, EIDON FA, DRS and MAIA are manufactured by Centervue under the iCare brand.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 59 × 36 × 62 cm