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    The choice of the Ophthalmic Professional is the Professional Ophthalmoscope from Keeler.  Manufactured in UK and internationally recognised.  This model was designed with precision at the forefront.  Users can change lens power from +9 to -10 in single Dioptre steps.  The secondary auxiliary lens wheel allows secondary lenses to provide +/-20 jumps in Dioptre lens power. This model is available with 2.8V or 3.6V Bulb or LED illumination. 2.8V models accept AA batteries.  3.6V models accept a rechargeable 3.6V lithium battery (charger sold separately).
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    Keeler Specialist Ophthalmoscope

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    £965.00£1,095.00 Excl VAT
    Keeler’s Specialist Ophthalmoscope has been the favourite choice of Ophthalmic Specialists across the world for years. Manufactured in the UK and boasting optical excellence, the head design ensures easy navigation around structures of the eye.  The latest version has more lenses and greater versatility than ever before - single dioptre steps in lens power provide precision from +14D to -15D. The auxiliary wheel allows for step changes in lens power +/-10, 15 and 30 dioptre secondary lenses allow for Keeler’s widest range of lens power capabilities from +44D to -45D. This model is available with 2.8V or 3.6V Bulb or LED illumination. 2.8V models accept AA batteries.  3.6V models accept a rechargeable 3.6V lithium battery (charger sold separately).
  • Unique optical design enables you to observe complex fundus - LED with incandescent colour used - Clear illumination without filament shadow - Stereoscopic observation even for small pupils by moving the illumination and observation systems separately - Large effective visual field for observation of flat pupils - 17 hours of continuous illumination with the energy-efficient LED
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    - The battery pack enables free-movement - Easy to charge by simply plugging in the USB connector to the AC adapter *1 - With 4 interchangeable power plugs as standard accessories *1: It cannot be used while charging
  •  Desktop charger that charges 2 direct ophthalmoscopes or retinoscopes simultaneously - Charger for rechargeable battery 1000RS - Charges 2 pcs. of Neitz RC battery handles at the same time - The desk charger holds the ophthalmoscopes / retinoscopes while charging
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    Best balanced corneal reflex reduction and bright fundus image - A convenient set of halogen ophthalmoscope BXα and streak retinoscope RX compatible with battery handle - C battery set BXa-13-RX, AA battery set BXα-13A-RX and rechargeable battery set BXα- RC-RX are available
  • Best balanced Corneal Reflex Reduction and Bright Fundus Image
    • A convenient set of ophthalmoscope BXa LED and streak retinoscope RX LED compatible with the C-cell battery handle.
    Contents: BXa LED head, RX LED head, C-size battery handle, C-size batteries (2 pcs.), head attachment, presbyopic lens (+2D), carrying case.
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    Neitz Streak Retinoscope

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    £315.00£345.00 Excl VAT
    High quality product backed by ophthalmologists and certified orthoptists worldwide for accurate diagnosis - The Neitz retinoscopes use bulbs with precisely processed filaments of 0.05mm diameter, which create one of the sharpest streaks of light in the industry - Helps accurate diagnosis of the astigmatic axis - The beam can be turned 360 degrees easily - The anti-reflection filter provides a brighter and wider field of view - available in 3 model types
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    Neitz Halogen Ophthalmoscope

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    £245.00£285.00 Excl VAT


    • 3 types of battery available or a head only option
    • Dual type charger can charge two NEITZ RC handles simultaneously.
    • The ophthalmoscope can be stored in the tabletop charger.


    • Lens Range: -36D to +35D
    • Filter: Polarizing Filter, 4000K Filter, Red-Free Filter
    • Dimension: 32mm (D) x 223mm (H)
    • Weight: 330g


    • Halogen Ophthalmoscope BX Head
    • RC Handle
    • Spare bulb L-29
    • Case