The Tomey MR-6000 is the ultimate time-saving and space-saving device, as this multifunction unit has six functions in one, replacing the need for multiple, separate machines.

The 6 functions are:

  1. Topography, 2. Refraction, 3. Keratometry, 4. Tonometry, 5. Pachymetry, 6. Dry eye analysis tool. But what does each function do?
  1. Topography

Topography measures the surface of the eye (the cornea) giving important & detailed information.

The MR-6000 does this using 16 mires rings to examine an area of 8mm diameter. Several map types including fourier analysis gives to a wide range of corneal shape displaying opportunities.

  1. Refraction

Refraction measures how light bends as it moves through your cornea and the lens to determine if you need corrective lenses and at what prescription[1].

The Quick Refraction Mode on the MR-6000 allows refraction values within seconds despite fixation loss e.g. for patients with nystagmus, children or uncooperative patients.

  1. Keratometry

Keratometry  is the measurement of the corneal curvature; corneal curvature determines the power of the cornea.

With the Tomey MR-6000 you can get accurate measurement values for Refraction and Keratometry due to an improved measurement principle.

  1. Tonometry

Tonometry is a diagnostic test that measures the pressure inside your eye, which is called intraocular pressure (IOP). This machine uses a new generation of air flow technology causes a friendly and gentle air puff.

  1. Pachymetry

Pachymetry is used to measure the depth of the thinnest point of your cornea. On the Tomey MR-6000 the automated IOP correction takes account of pachymetry values to get reliable and accurate IOP values.

  1. Dry eye analysis tool

The combination of 4 examinations gives a detailed impression of the health of the patients´ ocular surface. With this machine you can observe the blinking frequency, tear meniscus height, hyperemia and meibomian glands all at one time.

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