iCare HOME2 features a fully integrated app for IOS and android and utilises the cloud for data security and storage.

Finnish ophthalmological medical device manufacturer – iCare – have launched their newest product in their tonometry range – the “iCare HOME2”, which will be available to order from 16th March 2021 in the UK.

iCare are the original developers of rebound technology for handheld tonometers. Their newest version of rebound tonometer is the next generation of the iCare HOME, which allows patients to self-measure their IOP (intraocular pressure) without the need to come to a clinic or hospital. The iCare HOME2 has digitised the experience further, and increased ease of use so that anyone can use the device to take multiple readings of their eyes with no need for anaesthetic, eye drops, air or discomfort. Using cloud technology, the app connected to the state-of-the-art device can log all readings and measurements, so that the patient can see the results and any changes in their pressure, as well as share the results with their doctor remotely and safely through the cloud.


The updated model has a smart light guide built into the device so that the user can always get a correct reading, as the device will only take a measurement when the smart light is green, which is visible when taking the reading. The iCare HOME2 can now be used when lying down and has a scope of 200 degrees of use. A new display screen has been added to show readings immediately to users and also display any error messages. For those that are visually impaired it uses sounds to let them know if there is an error or if the positioning of the device needs to be adjusted. A magnet has been placed inside the probe applicator, meaning probes can’t move or fall out of the device even when turned off or not in use.

The data storage technology can be integrated with hospitals servers, meaning the data can be kept securely within the hospital. Or alternatively, practices can be set up with a separate cloud database that is encrypted and safe for both clinic and patients to use. Data from the app is not kept on the patients’ phone but on the secure cloud.

iCare provide ophthalmologists with the latest solutions for comprehensive screening, diagnostics and monitoring of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration (AMD). Their product line includes automated TrueColor imaging devices, perimeters and handheld rebound tonometers.

As an exclusive supplier of iCare products for the UK, Mainline Instruments Managing Director, Simon Hawkins commented on the new product release;

“The new iteration of the iCare HOME will bring peace of mind to glaucoma sufferers across the country, who will now be able to monitor their IOP without troublesome and inconvenient visits to a clinic, while still being  able to share with their eyecare professional their accurate and current pressures.“

For more information about the iCare HOME2 contact Mainline Instruments by calling 0121 458 6800 or emailing sales@main-line.co.uk, for a full demo of all the benefits and features.