For a busy eye emergency department like Sunderland Eye Infirmary, it can be difficult to find the time to trial and upgrade existing ophthalmic equipment. To support this busy team of doctors and specialists in finding fundus imaging equipment that could improve patient comfort and diagnostic accuracy, Mainline Instruments worked with Ophthalmic Photographer, Hugh Harris to complete a comprehensive trial of the iCare DRSplus Fundus Imaging System.

Accurate diagnostic images, quicker

When asked how the diagnostic images compared to those from other cameras, one of the infirmary’s Consultant Optometrists commented:

“The DRSplus provides outstanding image quality compared to other systems we have trialled, with less light scattering and artefacts.”

Everyone who used the DRSplus agreed that it was quick and easy to take accurate images even through small pupils and the white light LED source provided very realistic colours, compared to other “multicolour” images they have experienced with competing cameras which bear no resemblance in colour rendition to a real fundus.

The team claims that more than ever before, they require widefield colour images. Their existing camera is capable of 20 degree images, but with the DRSplus they were able to capture single 50 degree images or a variety of montage sizes as appropriate to the condition being recorded.

Managing patient flow

With hundreds of patients every day, the Sunderland Eye Infirmary is considered a centre of excellence and one of the leading providers of eye healthcare services in the UK – delivering outstanding ophthalmic care in its accident and emergency department and across a range of inpatient and outpatient services.

One of the key considerations for a department of this size, spread across multiple floors, delivering a range of clinics at the same time, is patient flow.

The installation of state-of-the-art equipment can reduce test times, make post-imaging processes faster and keep appointment times running smoothly.

“Gaining quality fundus images with older or poor-quality cameras can be a time consuming task,” says one of the Vitreoretinal Consultants at the eye infirmary.

“During the DRSplus trial we were able to maintain a smooth and efficient flow of patients because we were no longer struggling to get a good view of the fundus. The camera is automatic, so it’s even possible to perform other duties or procedures at the same time, whilst the fundus photo is being taken.”

Putting patient comfort front and centre

Trial lead, Hugh Harris commented in particular on how easy and comfortable the DRSplus was for patients of all ages and body types. He said:

“We, the photographers, unanimously love the camera, not just for the quality of the images, but for its ease of use both for us and most importantly, our patients. There are always some patients whose body size or shape makes it impossible to position themselves at a normal chin rest. During the trial, we had no patients that were unable to hold a comfortable position for imaging on the DRSplus.

If our patients are comfortable, taking accurate and clear images is easier and quicker – the DRSplus facilitates this.”

A successful trial

The iCare DRSplus trial at Sunderland Eye Infirmary was a success with the entire imaging team giving a resounding nod of approval for image quality, ease of use and patient comfort. The department has expressed its desire to have the equipment made a permanent feature for their new, recently opened glaucoma and macular departments.

Don’t take their word for it – arrange your trial today

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